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As a teenager I worked on my first photoshoot as a production assistant and was immediately hooked. I arrived at 5 am to a blur of action. The fashion, the lights, the click of the camera shutter all combining into a whirlwind of glamour. The ability of a camera body and a lens transforming the world around it into advertisements that would grace the pages of  VOGUE and the like entranced me, and I've been chasing that feeling ever since.


My goal with each and every wedding is to bring some of that magic to your photos. I specialize in a high-fashion documentary style, capturing your natural emotions on the big day. If I've done my job correctly, your photos will look how you both feel. On the day of I want to be as least intrusive as possible, enabling you to experience the day unfettered.

Stylistically I lean towards digital emulation of Portra film, but will tweak that style to the couple, location and lighting. 

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